There’s something about the sunrise when you’re on the coast that says, “today is full of possibilities”. When I look at this old craftsman-inspired cottage I know that when it was built someone carried that same sentiment of possibilities.

I don’t know the exact history of this little cottage (yet). Constructed in 1940, some mystery remains leading up to the earliest tax records but it is interesting the earliest owners were all women.

  • Dorothy Wolf
  • Norma Schmid
  • Ina Elliot

I knew none of these ladies except for “Dolly”. Dolly was never an owner of the home but lived with Norma in a roommate situation. I’m guessing Dolly was pushing 90 when she passed away but she lived fully until then.

You never knew when Dolly would burst out the back door of the cottage with her purse swinging behind her trying to stay caught up. Her late 90s model Crown Victoria would be slumbering in the squelching Florida sun and heat when she would command it to life.

As quick as the ignition turned over, the Crown Vic was in drive and peeling through the black sand parking spot to finally get traction on the asphalt. With her purple hair, or whatever the chosen hair color of the week was, she was gone in a blink.

Dolly was off to turn the day into possibilities without delay!

Today is the dawn. The dawn of possibilities for this little cottage. Soon we will begin renovations and rescue her from a few years of neglect. So many possibilities in 850 square feet.

-John Dodson

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