There’s no perfect way to begin, so just begin and see what happens next…

Wayne the electrician has done an awesome job getting us ready for central heating and air. As of Wednesday, we were ready to go to install our new Carrier system 2 ton with EcoBee thermostat. The bad news is that there is absolutely no ductwork to be had due to shortages. Bay Area Heating and Air’s best guess date to install will be October 11th!

Tile Be Gone!

We are forging ahead though with Louise removing the tile flooring throughout the house. This is one of those things where tiling was a good idea but not for this old house. Old houses like this continually shift, expand, contract, and settle. Not a good combination with plank-style tile flooring.

Master bedroom plank style tile flooring.
Louise is making good progress in removing the tile floors.

Lowe’s for the Win with Lighting

This week we picked out some lighting and fans. Thanks to Wayne’s talents we’ll soon have front and back door lighting. We found some really ideal porch lights at Lowe’s that go with our coastal vibe.

A Fan for Coastal and Retro Vibes

I’ve noticed the thing with ceiling fans is that they (the fan designers) try too hard. It must be the same logic they use for fishing lures. They’re designed to get you to buy them and not necessarily work well where you use them. Hoaky, overstated, and too thematic.

For this old Yankeetown coastal cottage, we wanted a fan that you really didn’t notice but at the same time has some classic lines and detail that have you believe the fans have always been there.

For the kitchen, den, and master bedroom, the Harbor Breeze Caratuk River ceiling fan was exactly what we were looking for. Simple with clean lines and should go unnoticed other than doing its job to keep you cool!

Harbor Breeze Caratuk River Ceiling Fan

Odd Fan Out

Our front porch is going to be a place perfect for hot summer nights. Right now it has some jalousie windows but not enough for the whole porch. We hope to find more on the facebook marketplace, craigslist, or when antiquing.

Jalousie Windows
Jalousie windows on the front porch.

If you don’t know, jalousie windows are the roll-out or crank-out style vintage windows your granda may have had in her sunroom. Mine had them in her large den window.

The fan on the front porch is a little different than the other three in style. You’ll see why in the future we went with this nautical lantern look. I can’t wait to blow out the old ceiling on the porch to expose the rafters and put this fan on a downrod. It’s going to look amazing.

Harbor Breeze Merrimack II Ceiling Fan

A Little Sketchy

The best part of a renovation to me is doodling ideas on a napkin in a restaurant, on a notepad in a meeting, or just on a scrap piece of paper anywhere you are. Doing these doodles and then later seeing them come to life with what and who you know.

Sketch idea for the deck and new screened-in porch.

It’s only June 10th but June has been busy already. Some progress and some setbacks. I’m looking forward to being back on the site in a few days to check on progress and continue to enjoy the journey of this little coastal cottage’s birth (or re-birth).

-John Dodson

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