Whoever wrote a blog post about a chimney cap? Likely nobody but I had to because I’m so proud of the work West Coast Metal Fabricators did for us.

Take one super irregular 80-year-old rock chimney and try to cap it off clean and neat looking. That was the challenge. Our friends at West Coast were up for the challenge.

Old rock chimney capped off with a piece of plywood and screws.

With a few super careful measurements and some faith, we paid the deposit and left the assignment with them. Two weeks later we had the crown jewel in hand for our coastal cottage. Amazing!

Custom fabricated chimney cap for old rock chimney.

Installation was a trick as well. We sank 4 3/8″ threaded studs into the masonry atop the chimney. For added insurance, we sank the studs into epoxy as well. We then leveled the cap by putting two nuts on each threaded rod so the cap could be adjusted up and down on all 4 corners. The cap doesn’t actually “sit” on top of the chimney but hovers just above the surface.

1930’s Cracker Style House with Rock Chimney

Some people say, “the devil is in the details.” I suppose that’s fine for the pessimistic mindset. When you’re renovating an old cottage on the coast in the middle of almost nowhere though and you have a success like this I would say, “God is in the details.”

When you experience the bliss of succedding like this, you can’t believe anything more than God was on your side.


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