5 Star Airbnb in Yankeetown Florida

Thinking back on the beginning, we can hardly believe we are just a few months into having our cottage open for bookings on Airbnb and VRBO. Just barely over a year ago we were facing severe termite damage, a leaking roof and an absence of light. 2024 is assuredly something different in tone.

It’s been a while since our last post and we’re going to keep this one short. After a handful of guests and one repeat guest, the reviews are beginning to accumulate and we wanted to share just a few with you.

Daybook Cottage review

Tim and Joanne manage Price Morgan Vacations in Panama City, FL. It was gratifying to receive such a review from someone who manages dozens of units.

Coastal Cottage Guest Book

The Nichols family left us an “all stars” rating. We’ll take that to mean 5!

Coastal Cottage VRBO Review

Jody from North Georgia came to spend the week with his grandson. We’re sure they made amazing memories.

Yep, looks like they did have an amazing time!

Yankeetown Otters at Play

The otters of Yankeetown never disappoint on cuteness and antics. 5 Stars!

C40 End of the Road Sunsets

You know we have to throw in a C40 – End of the Road sunset.

Please come join us for a coastal adventure in 2024 and listen to our guests when deciding where you will stay. Daybook Cottage is the ideal experience.

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