As Americans, we like to lay claim to our conquests by planting a flag on them. The moon, Iwo Jima, and even sometimes a cheeseburger. What restaurants still put an Ameican flag in a cheeseburger I wonder?

This was our first bit of time really getting to know the future Daybook Cottage. She’s a mess but we can see her potential. So much character and spunk still left in those heart pine bones of her.

It was amazing the difference made by just a little cleaning and clearing the roof of a full winter of pine straw and debris.

The cottage seemed to be pleased with us and gave up some treasure from the old shed outback. Get a load of this kitchen sink base cabinet. Wow, the handles on the doors feel like you’re driving a 50’s Cadillac.

Also along the edge of the shed, we located some of the original window weights. Kristy said she could imagine a nice artistic arrangement of these somewhere in Daybook Cottage. What a great way to tell the story of this little house.

For a house this small, it sure does have its share of doors. We found what could be some of the original doors to the house but it’s hard to tell. The prior owner had begun some renovations in the form of moving doorways and none of the doors we found seemed to fit.

Even though the doors don’t appear to fit we plan on using them anyway. We may just use them to decorate with or maybe for a bartop in the passthrough window to the deck.

That’s the thing about doors, they often look closed but with a little imagination and faith, you can make them open to all the places you can imagine. We’re going to enjoy opening doors here until we get to the final door of opening Daybook Cottage to our friends and family.

-John Dodson

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